6th Investment and Development Conference Slovenia Business Bridge™: "Slovenia – the Right Sized Country for Business"

The Slovenia Business Bridge Investment and Development Conference is a high-level biannual conference that brings together over 500 participants – representatives from the business world and the top levels of government, investors, members of the diplomatic corps, and entrepreneurs. This year it will as always feature prominent speakers from Slovenia and abroad.

After a highly turbulent past year, the global economy faces quite a few challenges, including the post-pandemic recovery and finding competitive advantages with regard to both attracting investment and penetrating international markets. The role of the regions and the integration of countries within them is becoming more relevant than ever before, as finding ways of coordinating within and across regions can deliver a compelling competitive asset. Slovenia is an export-oriented economy that regionally and globally positions itself as a green, creative and smart country. It is a country that relies on its knowledge and development and plays a vital role in sectors such as artificial intelligence, biomedicine, (bio)technology, and sustainability.

All this, along with its compact size and excellent geographic position, it makes it a great country to do business in. With the right level of engagement, Slovenia can take advantage of this uncertain year and find its position among the most attractive destinations for investors.




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