Business Bridge



Slovenia = opportunity

The Slovenia Business Bridge Investment and Development Conference is a high-level biennial conference that brings together over 500 participants – representatives from the business world and top levels of government, investors, members of the diplomatic corps, and entrepreneurs. This year it will feature fascinating speakers from Slovenia and abroad.

The Slovenia Business Bridge Conference aims to tackle the ongoing challenges the global economy and regional markets face. Its primary focus is on the role of business in co-creating green, sustainable, technologically advanced, and interconnected communities and countries. The conference recognizes the need for collaboration among investors, large corporations, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers to shape the future effectively. 

Slovenia Business Bridge will highlight the significance of both collaboration and competition as essential elements for success. Slovenia’a economy is ambitious and understands the importance of the region. 

To remain relevant, it is crucial for regions, countries, and companies to work together while also maintaining healthy competition. We will emphasize the importance of fostering family businesses and explore topics such as connectivity and logistics, pursuing a green future, and the transformative power of technology and AI.

Industry experts and leaders will provide valuable insights into the impact of large corporations on economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Attendees will be able to explore successful collaborations, exchange best practices, and contribute to strengthening local and regional economies. The conference will explore strategies for optimizing logistics operations, adopting sustainable business practices, and leveraging advanced technologies to stay ahead in the digital era.

Program Committee


Director, NP Consulting, d.o.o. Member of the Board of Governors, AmCham Slovenia

Vida Dolenc Pogačnik

COO and International Cooperation Director
at AmCham Slovenia

Vid Habjan

Head of Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Department, SPIRIT Slovenija

Marko Ketler

Senior Partner, Ketler & Partners Member of Karanovic & Partners

Aljoša Krdžić

Partner, Law firm Rojs, Peljhan,
Prelesnik & Partners

Matjaž Ulčar

Managing Partner, Law Firm Ulčar & Partners

mag. Ajša Vodniik

CEO, AmCham Slovenia
Vice-Chair, AmChams in Europe