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Why Big Business Matters for National Prosperity?

A Mastecard perspective

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan once said: „Economies of scale are a good thing. If we didn’t have them, we’d still be living in tents and eating buffalo.” And indeed, many developments, innovations, and economic and industrial achievements that we now might take for granted have been made possible because there were big enough entities, markets, and resources to make them possible. It is vital to acknowledge that some things are just too big and too expensive to do on a small scale, but if done at the appropriate scale, their benefits can utlimately be distributed to as many stakeholders and citizens as possible.

If we take card payments as an example, an efficient and cheap payment network with the highest level of technological capabilities might be too difficult and too expensive to create at national level, especially in a small country with limited financial resources. A global company like Mastercard however can easily bring and adapt its network and technology to any local market, keeping infrastrucutal costs at a minimum thanks to and already existing global infrastructure. In addition, the global nature of the network immediately creates and enables access to all other members of the network, meaning that a country can benefit from others using it. In the world of card payments, a Slovenian merchant accepting Mastercard can cater to international tourists, while Slovenian citizens can use their Mastecard when they travel abroad. It is this scale and connectivity that at the end of the day benefits the entire economy.

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SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development

Slovenia Business Bridge 2023: Growth of Slovenia through Investment

In an era of constant change and a dynamic business environment, Slovenia is dedicated to strengthening its economy through both domestic and foreign investment. In this context, the role of SPIRIT Slovenia Business Development Agency, which stimulates investment and business growth, becomes exceptionally vital. We are co-organizers of the Slovenia Business Bridge 2023 event, a key platform for connecting international investors with Slovenian companies.

A competitive economy is crucial for the country’s long-term stability and growth. We recognize the necessity for continuous improvement of the business environment to attract both domestic and foreign investment. At SPIRIT Slovenia, we are dedicated to creating an attractive business environment, offering various incentives, subsidies, and information to support investments in key Slovenian industries.

The event will facilitate meetings between international investors and innovative Slovenian companies, creating new opportunities for business collaboration. The primary focus will be on the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences, with the goal of promoting technological advancement and sustainable economic development. Themes such as artificial intelligence, family entrepreneurship, and innovation will take center stage.

Slovenia boasts rich natural and human capital, along with a favorable geographical location, which positions us exceptionally competitively. To attract foreign investment, we have established a favorable tax environment while also providing investors with expert advice and assistance in administrative procedures.