Slovenia as a First Choice of Investors Coming to Europe

Investments bring new ideas, new knowledge, new jobs, and new business culture to the country. They accelerate positive trends and prosperity, as well as foster technological and sustainable development in all areas of society. AmCham Investment Committee aims for Slovenia to become the first choice of investors coming to Europe, by improving the country's investment opportunities and the business environment.

Nevenka Črešnar Pergar, Director, NP Consulting, Co-Chair of the AmCham Investment Committee


The Future Investment Environment in Slovenia Heavily Depends on All of Us

In the past years the AmCham Slovenia's Investment Committee, and this goes also for other committees that discuss social, environmental and economical challenges and solutions from their field of expertise, focused on the areas of our socio-economic wellbeing that would address the challenges that have been exposed by the globalisation and the last major financial crisis. In recent times our focus slowly expanded towards looking for the solutions for the society and economy in the digital age, which was additionally boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Aljoša Krdžić, Senior Associate, Law Firm Rojs, Peljhan, Prelesnik in partnerji, Co-chair of the AmCham Investment Committee, President of the AmCham Young Leaders Club


Headline: Investment leads to higher competitiveness

We have noticed that foreign investors are increasingly recognizing Slovenia as an environment in which they can create added value, expand business, and increase exports. Slovenia's strategic position in the heart of Europe, with easy access to SEE markets, a highly skilled workforce, research and development capabilities, and high level of stability creates a wonderful environment for manufacturing, services, and R&D.

Tomaž Kostanjevec, PhD, Director of SPIRIT Slovenia, Public Agency


Supporting inclusive recovery in Central & Eastern Europe

Technology has been a lifeline for many European businesses and communities throughout the pandemic - from helping people find accurate health information and buy groceries online to finding new ways to learn and stay connected with loved ones. But equally, the pandemic has also widened the social divide, putting disadvantaged groups at risk of being further left behind. As economies embark on a path to recovery, creating an accessible digital future for everyone is vital.

Matt Brittin, President, Google Europe, Middle East and Africa


Slovenia is well positioned to leverage the new wave of technology and digitization that has hit us.

We are living in a world where technology and digitization have become indispensable for us to conduct business, but also to maintain personal relationships and stay connected. As the role of technology and digitization becomes more and more important in our lives and economies, we need to be increasingly more strategic about how we approach it, both at the micro and the macro level.

Boris Martinovic, Director, Public Policy, Mastercard


Slovenia and NIL – A Strong Competence Center for Conscia

Two years ago, Conscia extended to Slovenia by acquiring NIL. The decision was not driven by geographic expansion; it was done primarily due to competencies, culture, and innovative spirit that NIL and Slovenia as a country have been demonstrating. This is a very good fit with the Nordic heritage of Conscia.

Eric Bertman, CEO, Conscia Group, Advisor EQT group


Dedicated to best-in-class financial services and committed to a sustainable future

One of the key goals of Nova KBM is to become an even more advanced financial institution in terms of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects. Nova KBM wishes to reach this goal with its ESG Strategy, which is the bank's decisive and prudent response to increasingly pressing questions about the world we wish to live in and leave to future generations.

John Denhof, CEO and President, Nova KBM


Goodyear Slovenia – our sustainable growth through the years

At the end of 2018, when we celebrated 20 years of operation under the Goodyear wings, we were excited to announce our most significant recent investment. As the demand for premium, larger-rim-diameter consumer tires is growing across Europe and in order to ensure the sustainable growth of our business, Goodyear decided to invest €94 million in its Slovenian facility with the aim of expanding the capacity of our manufacturing facility in Kranj.

Matej Zavrl, Managing Director, Goodyear Slovenija, d. o. o.


Trimo – Leadership with a Vision

At a time when the world is going through extremely rapid development, technological, environmental and social changes, including the experience of a pandemic, also views on what values leaders should have are fast changing to be able to run the business succesfully.

Božo Černila, CEO, Trimo





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